location bonus

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location bonus

Postby Luca15 » Fri 15 Dec 2017, 23:18

Hi all, how can I get the "location bonus" ? For example about attack and defence , what I need to buy to get the location bonus? Because since I'm playing it's always at 0 (like in hunting and all other skills).

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Re: location bonus

Postby Kalissa » Sat 16 Dec 2017, 02:03

The only places I know of with a bonus to attack and defense are fighting pits and stages, which you can build in your own concession, or stadiums and white arenas, which are built by guilds. You get the recipe for the fighting pit by completing the Avidel Arena quest line. I don't remember how to get the other one.

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Re: location bonus

Postby swann88 » Sat 16 Dec 2017, 15:33

in general if you are doing a task in a building for that task you will get a location bonus
the bonus will show on the location tab
if you are doing it without a building no bonus

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