HelloKitty Club recruiting!

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HelloKitty Club recruiting!

Postby Socksdryer » Mon 19 Jun 2017, 06:09

Hi guys!

We are the HelloKitty Club, the cutest guild on the server. We still have a few spots for members.

We have:

- a manor
- numerous factories for everything important
- the 50s fighting stadion
- a mansion (up to leadership 57)

In progress:

- Krya-mine (this week)
- metalworks (this week)

You should have:

- a weird sense of humour
- an affinity for everything pink and/or cute (at least you should be able to roleplay it on demand)
- Den access
- the desire to spend your ingame time as a mindless guildslave (wörk wörk wörk!)
- big boobs (gender not important)

You can write Kvothe (our glorious leader) or Fuchur (me) if you want to submit to our deity HelloKitty!

Praise HelloKitty!

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