*ziip* must be should be punished

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*ziip* must be should be punished

Postby Sazla » Thu 20 Jun 2019, 17:30

maby i must to be letter to The Hague Court -one is your moders *ziiiiiip moderation* - is terrorist - ye uear only yourself - its disturbed me - answer me - asap

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Re: ana must be should be punished

Postby Céline » Thu 20 Jun 2019, 17:35

For what I see, you insult someone. But the rest of the message is not clear. So keep calm. Stop insulting people. And if you have a problem with someone, please take a screenshot and contact us via mail : support@virtys.com.

La Haye don't care about insult party between players in a game ;)
~Contact : support@virtys.com~

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