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Virtys call for help

Posted: Wed 06 Jan 2016, 13:56
by Falkarma
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Hi everyone,

We got lots of help offerings on the forum and the chat but we wanted to make things more officials. We are indeed looking for help and we trust that we can work with the community for a lot of things.

Right now the most urging needs are for communication and translation, we are looking for help to get the team messages to the communities and the other way around. We are also looking for help to get the new content out in all languages, the small test we have done did work well, but we think we could improve the process even more by creating an official team.

You think you could take part in this? Send us an email to with a description of your skills (I could translate from EN to IT), your past experiences (I know both languages and worked as CM for...), and your experience of the game (I have been in Norstria!).

Once communications are all setup, we will be looking for help for other things like testing, support, brainstorming groups, community, FAQ making, social events, etc. You have another talent and would like to show it to us (programming fan site, paint arts, pixel art, cooking). Send us an email to or your cookies at our official mail address.

Also, remember that participating on the forum, helping new players in the chat, giving ideas, telling us what's wrong or right about the game, liking posts on Facebook and sharing your love for the games on any place you can also contribute to the game. We know lots of you do it and we thank you for it.