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1.19 : Metashield and poison join the fight

Posted: Thu 14 Jan 2016, 02:24
by Virtys
Looking for a good reason to unlock the forth weapon slot? Here it comes. Starting on our next update you will be able to equip Consumables Combat Booster. The first two types will be poison created from herborisms using a vial created by the hunters. Then the Metashield will be produced by Metascientist from a new type of energies gathered in the land.

PoisonTeaser.jpg (103.87 KiB) Viewed 10094 times

How will these new CCB items work? Quite simple, you equip them in a weapon slot, and every combat one will be consumed. Those items are stackable so you can equip a group of CCB and any one will consume at each combat. These boosts will cumulate with jewel and potion.

Re: 1.19 : Metashield and poison join the fight

Posted: Fri 15 Jan 2016, 17:27
by Neku
Does the consumption number of the poison depend on your number of hits? or each combat scene only consumes one?

Re: 1.19 : Metashield and poison join the fight

Posted: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 07:39
by Grumpyoldgit
Poison are used one at a time and last the whole fight not just each time you attack the enemy, I`ve used both types and found them quite effective to make a weapon takes a long time so it is best to be judicious in their use, again I`ve found them very effective with the bosses, I learn what the bosses weakness is first then load the appropriate weapon and then it is HAVE AT YOU VARLET well worth the time and effort making them