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Forum charter

Postby Kelisia » Fri 15 Jan 2016, 21:09

The Therian Saga forums are a place of communication between the players and the team.

To keep the spirit of the community that is one of the riches of the game, it is important to follow certain rules, which were accepted by registering to the forum.

The following messages are not allowed:
• Messages with illegal content.
• je suis un méchant spam messages.
• Discriminatory, racist or xenophobic messages.
• Messages with pop-up advertisements.
• Posts in violation of copyright.
• Messages contrary to the laws of your country, the country where Therian Saga is hosted or international law.

Please avoid:
• Provocations.
• Off-Topic posts
• Flood.

In order to keep the good spirit in the forum:
• Some forums have their own rules, take a look there before posting for the first time.
• Use the "search" tool before posting a message.
• To facilitate the reading of messages, avoid abusing caps and SMS language. Pay attention to the orthographic quality.
• Use explicit titles.
• Follow the rules of common courtesy, especially when making a request.
• Stay calm if possible. In case of provocations, use the button to report it.

Have a good game and a good visit in the forum!

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