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The Team

Postby Cloudigger » Tue 05 Jan 2016, 20:51

Welcome to the new forum of Therian Saga!

During your wanderings on the forum, you will meet several members of the team. Here are their roles:

"Administrateurs" or Administrators are developers or members of Virtys. Some you will not see posting also help in organizing the forum.
"Coordinateurs" or the coordinator animate the forum alongside the hosts and they are also called upon to supervise the animation teams. They are in direct contact with the development team. They can also interact with other media than the forum.
"Animateurs" or Facilitators will have the daily task to put some life on the forum, will transmit information to you from the team, warn the team about problems you may encounter and do their best to answer your questions.
"Testeurs" or Testers are experienced players who test updates before deployment on servers and are therefore able to answer many of the questions you are asking yourself about the game.
"Traducteurs" or Translators work to send you information and updates in different languages.
NPC are fictional characters who will help us make the forum alive

You will find the names of team members on The team page accessible by clicking on the top left of the forum on "Quick links".

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