lvling Fighting skills

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lvling Fighting skills

Postby Alukay » Fri 11 Sep 2020, 10:06

Sorry that i have to make a subject, but couldnt find a post about it, the search blocked every common word around combat/fight :(

I just cant figure out if its necessary to get hit to lvl defense or not, or in which chance it get calculated. Or does it maybe only lvl with a finished fight, no matter of if the enemy even attacked or not? or does it matter how often i got hit? and how does the defense from the companions increase? do they just have to defend once in a fight my hero or should i let the enemys hit them often, would that increase the chance for a lvl up?

Sorry for that many questions, but im very curious about it^^

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Re: lvling Fighting skills

Postby Céline » Fri 11 Sep 2020, 10:22

You can up defense each time a monster hits you (if he hits you 50 times a fight, you have 50 chance to up... if he hits you 2 times, you have to chance).
You have (much) more chance tu up defense if you dodge.
You won't up if don't dodge or don't take hits.

As said, chance is for each "action", not on a fight.

You can test all this "easily" with personal or guild arena (monster hit/def only on one skill, and you can choose his "fight base" : 30&40 at home, 50&60&70 with a guild arena).

some topics
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and in French (don't remember to read so complete topics about fighting on other languages)
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