Mail Missing

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Mail Missing

Postby gibsont01 » Thu 29 Sep 2016, 22:11

I sent a message with an attachment (runic 58 axe) to my alt. Checked my alt and it was there, but had him traveling so could not grab it. Logged off and when I later returned to go to a mailbox to retrieve the attachment, the letter is no longer there. Is this a bug? Could someone take a look at this please?

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Re: Mail Missing

Postby Morlop » Fri 30 Sep 2016, 06:21

If you want the Devs to check something inGame for you it's usually best to send a mail to **. Remember to put in your and your alts name and if possible the date/time when you sent the axe.

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Re: Mail Missing

Postby Falkarma » Sat 01 Oct 2016, 01:02

(I'll give the same answer as in support here in case it help other players)

You mail is now flagged as read, it mean that it is now not displayed because you have too much unread (guild) message, you will need to read them and you should find your Axe somewhere in your mail list. Unread mail are sent first by the mail system.
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