Therian Saga not loading

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Therian Saga not loading

Postby mstryker99 » Wed 22 Mar 2017, 20:01


There was an update either for Windows or Silverlight and now I can not load Therian Saga. I already uninstalled and re-installed MS Silverlight then closed and restarted my browsers. I have tried in Firefox and Edge/Explorer. What do you suggest I do next?



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Re: Therian Saga not loading

Postby Céline » Wed 22 Mar 2017, 20:09


It will not work with Firefox since the update to version 52.
Have you test our Client ? :D It's the best solution.

When you uninstall SL, it's a good idea to use a software like Ccleaner to be sure old informations are deleted, if not, you made a new installation with some old information.

The game works - normally - with IE, strange it doesn't for you. You can also try Opera portable (here → portable = no installation, no update), Maxthon and Seamonkey or the ESR version of Firefox. More information here : viewtopic.php?p=19305#p19305
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Re: Therian Saga not loading

Postby Stormi » Wed 22 Mar 2017, 22:43

To fix Firefox not loading Silverlight:

Open a New Tab, type " about:config " and press enter
Read the disclaimer telling you that if you do anything wonky in there it'll explode Firefox, accept.

Right click anywhere in the tab. Where you see a list of a lot of very important configuration settings.

Select NEW - Boolean
Type or copy and paste <no " ">: "plugin.load_flash_only"
Set it to False when it asks.

Silverlight will now load.

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