Logging in with facebook

Gothic Cutey
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Logging in with facebook

Postby Gothic Cutey » Thu 12 Jul 2018, 15:28

I logged into therian saga originally with facebook. Than I downloaded the thing for my computer. Than I launched the game. The game wants a username and password. I never set one up because I logged in with facebook. There is no option to create an account. I have no idea what to do. I had to create and account to use the forum and tried using that to log in but that doesn't work. Please help me I really want to play this game.

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Re: Logging in with facebook

Postby Maracor » Thu 12 Jul 2018, 16:57

You can still log in through a browser (Small yellow button at top right next to the language button). My original account was through Facebook, and I still use it for a couple of characters.

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Re: Logging in with facebook

Postby Balok » Thu 12 Jul 2018, 21:15

I recommend sending this request to support@virtys.com. People from Virtys do read this forum, but this is really a support issue - an email to that address will bring that to their attention.
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Re: Logging in with facebook

Postby Céline » Sun 22 Jul 2018, 13:46

Or just.... connect on the website (http://www.theriansaga.com).
Go to "Account". Choose "Upgrade my account". Choose a login (name) and a password. Accept.

It's magic ;) : you now have a login and password to play with our Client :D

~Contact : support@virtys.com~

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