The mistery in Threebrothers Mountains (Open)

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The mistery in Threebrothers Mountains (Open)

Postby Irianelle » Mon 08 May 2017, 21:54

(Anyone willing to participate is welcome to pick up the story and contribute)

It all started with a joke. Irianelle and a mysterious stranger were both wandering about the valleys and mountainsides in Threebrother mountains. She was searching for a cabin that was supposed to be there, at least according to the tipsy innkeeper, who blabbed about the customer of his just returning from the mountains with a chest full of silver coins. She had spent the third night there, without any luck. Well, at least with the cabin. Just as she was descending from the south summit, she ran into the mysterious stranger for the second time. The first time, she saw him from afar - a night before. He seemed to be digging something in the lazy river. Iron, perhaps. She thought better to leave before he noticed her as she did not want to discuss her business in the mountains. This time, however, she was in plain sight and there was no doubt she had been seen.

Good day, milady! He grinned. She nodded in response.
You lost? He tried again.
Mind your own business! She thought to herself. But she answered instead: No, no, just searching for the orchis. A friend told me there are plenty.
He grinned again: Orchis? In the mountains? Your friend pulled your leg, darling. He paused. And, to be fair, you don’t strike me as a botanist.

All dressed up in the armour, wielding a war hammer and equipped with the wooden shield, this really wasn’t the cleverest lie to tell. And orchis, what was she thinking? Anyhow, the more she was observing the man, the more he seemed to be at home in this area. Could he know the location of the cabin? Despite not wanting to reveal her plans, Irianelle had to admit that she already wasted three days without any progress and maybe it was time to get some help.

Yeah, I am also searching for erm… a place to spend the night, as it is getting quite chilly. Would you know if there is a shelter nearby, or…. a … cabin, perhaps? She tried her best to sound as casual as possible.

The man smirked for a split second – Irianelle was not sure whether she had really seen it or it was just her having paranoia. He replied: A shelter? No, not in the walking distance. However, my camp is set up not far from here. I was just collecting some firewood - to keep the wolves away. It seems it did not work this evening. (Now, Irianelle was sure he smirked.) You are welcome to stay the night if you’d like.

His audacity slightly insulted her and she wanted to instantly refuse him and find her own camping spot, but there was something intriguing about him that dazzled her. She caught a glimpse of his right forearm, where a symbol was drawn. She could not distinguish it. But now she was sure that this man is not an ordinary metalworker, looking for nuggets. So she agreed to the friendly proposal, started to collect her share of firewood and slowly followed him to the camp.

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