Tavern Charter

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Tavern Charter

Postby Kelisia » Fri 15 Jan 2016, 21:06

It seemed important to reserve a space for players wishing to give free rein to their imagination. Thereby, the "Tavern" forum is dedicated to role play.

For this forum to live and continue, some rules must be respected.


The Role Play Forum is available to players to share, participate and play their role beyond the borders of the game, in short communicate.

We ask you to bring some attention to upper and lower case, punctuation, in short, everything related to spelling and grammar, in a concern of reading fluency.

Each player interprets his characters and non-player characters can intervene to animate the Tavern. For the benefits of consistency, do not interpret the character of another player or NPC. Similarly, it is best to allow other players enough time to react before making the action progress without them.

If you want to work on a post that has not changed for a long time, do not hesitate to contact the players involved to see if they are interested to revive the role play.

Off-Topic Discussions

Since these are texts that find their place in the game world, avoid as much as possible to respond to role play texts by texts out of role play.

In order to provide clarity for the reader who wishes to only read role play stories, you are asked to use the [ORP] tag in your title when it is not a RP text.

We understand that this may be restrictive, but even if it is always nice to read a response, it is even more enjoyable and motivating to read a text related to the one proposed by the original poster and if possible a role play text. In case of a difficult role play answer, it would be good to put your comments in () to make the distinction.

They are not very difficult rules to follow and they should make this forum a nice place.

Get writing!

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