Price Guide for Newbies

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Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Melindra » Sat 14 Jan 2017, 14:22

Price Guide for Newbies
Background: Usually, when I first start a new game, I have an inventory full of stuff and have no idea about the value of things. This guide is just to give newbies a "general" idea about the value of some items they may pick up along the way. As all of you are aware, market prices fluctuate due to supply and demand, a concept I am fully aware of. Therefore, you may find that some items will generate much higher prices and some will be much lower at times. However, since this is a small community, it's often frowned upon to be "greedy" and get the highest price you can. Your reputation is the key to getting good deals - and- willing trade partners. Keep this concept in mind as you try to sell your goods.

Newbie mistake #1: Don't sell the crappy loot from your dungeon run on the market. Sell it to npcs in Hawkoria. No one is gonna buy your "Rustic Bronze dagger" on the market, so don't bother listing it. The market charges 2.5% listing fee and a 2.5% selling fee. Keep this in mind when listing items.

Newbie Mistake #2: Selling stuff via the Browse tab in the market. Often, the prices that you find here are laughably low. Don't ever sell here unless you check with someone if it is a good price or not. You will often make much, much more by selling directly in the market than selling to the offers on the Browse tab.

firewood 50c-1s each
pine log 8s
maple log 12s
cedar log 12s
nuert log 30s-65s
solone log 2.5g
melandrin log 3g
gurdismo log 7g
pine plank 10s
cedar plank 10s
maple plank 10s
oak plank 15s
nuert plank 50s -1g
melandrin plank 4g

healing vial 20/5 1g
healing vial 31/6 4g -6g
regen 41/7 4g-6g
hq casadir vial 20s
cervid meat 20s
hare meat 20s
wild boar meat 20s
bovine meat 20s
catoblepas meat 30g
dead barkhein 80s
barkhein meat 65s-1.5g
dead norstria goat 4g
dead bear, bear meat 1g
dead owl 20g
reptilian leather 2.5g
catoblepian leather 20g

lump limestone 24s
lump sandstone 24s
lump granite 30s
lump marble 31s
lump marapis 50s-75s
lump diorite 7g each
lump lanferite 1.5g each
lump palpable 3g
lithosnow 8g each
lump oceanite 5g-6g each
marl block 5s
slate block 9s
marapis block 2-3g
lanferite block 3.5g-4g
palpable block 4.5g each
lithosnow block 10g each
oceanite block 6-7g
uncut deep stone 10g
casadir flask 30s-60s
casadir jar 30s-60s
casadir glass 25s each
marapidos glass 4g
lignite 10s-20s

orchis 5s
hawkweed 7s
amphrosis 20s
mahzevite 35s
cascardent 35s
ruidel 30s-40s
lamden 75s
nordinia 50s
chrystalir morel 1g
valerian 1.3-2g
troll claw 2g
landel vine 3g
slork 10g
maestram 10g

araknirar fiber 4g
mohair fiber 2g
silk fiber 2-3g
blacknester fiber 2g
huberian fabric 7-10g
silk fabric 8-10g
mohair fabric 8g
olkznar bundle 4g
olkznar fiber 3g
jutug bundle 5g
jutug fiber 20g
wingu fabric 150g++
olkznar fabric 30g
solardran fabric 100g

iron nuggets 5s-20s
zinc nuggets 8s-30s
silver nuggets 10s-40s
chromium nuggets 10s-40s
gold ingot 350g
domane ore 1g
eliandel ore 2g
odiemel ore 75s
odiemel nuggets 65s-1.5g
eliandel nuggets 5-6g
blueroc nuggets 3g
domane nuggets 3g
tin ingot 4s
copper ingot 8s-12s
bronze ingot 35s
iron ingot 1g
steel ingot 3.5g-4g
eliandel ingot 20g
blueroc ingot 20g
odiemel ingot 11g
domane ingot 20g-25g

I hope you find this GUIDE helpful as a start to understanding the market and making better market choices. Happy TRADING :D

p.s. If anyone takes issue with this rough list as a guide or a price listed herein, don't hesitate to leave bitter vitriol in this thread contact me and we can discuss it like adults. :)

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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Woody » Sat 14 Jan 2017, 14:48

Very helpful Melly... wish I had something like this when I started playing :)

Might be handy as an afterthought to bold the items that fly off the shelves like hotcakes... pots for e.g. or certain ingots etc etc
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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Yushi » Sat 14 Jan 2017, 15:00

I'll probably use this for some things. I hope it gets expanded.
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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby guivou » Sat 14 Jan 2017, 15:31

very usefull but i disagree for healing vial 20/5 1g , it's about half the price of 31/6 , so 2 ou 3 g seems a better price

gold ingot seems very expensive on teasan it's less than 250g

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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Dweezil » Sat 14 Jan 2017, 18:37

It's amazing how long you stay a newbie in this game, and that's a good thing! Sometimes it may seem hard, but the upside is that this game stays interesting for a very long time.

One of the things I've been struggling with is making some money. Watching the market carefully I made a list myself, looking at the max price stuff sells for. Some Items sell for 10x as much as mention in this list, I can tell, because I saw and did sell it myself. Is this ok? Some may say it is (as I did myself in the beginning), some (I will not mention any names :P ) will make a fool out of you on the globel (as happend to me). The thing is, as mentioned before, this is a small community and driving up market prices will not make this game more joyable for any player, including yourself. But how do you know what prices are fair for both seller and buyer, you just don't know as newbie :o

So I want to thank you very much Melindra, for posting this list, I will make use of it allot!!!
I even think it deserves a place in the List of all Guide and FAQ

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Yushi » Sun 15 Jan 2017, 14:30

Any clues on the prices for uncut gems? I'll be wanting to buy a few hundred assorted uncut gems in the near future.

*edit*I found the gems I needed on another character, so it will be longer before I need to buy the gems.*edit*
I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

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Postby Melindra » Mon 16 Jan 2017, 15:56

Yushi wrote:Any clues on the prices for uncut gems? I'll be wanting to buy a few hundred assorted uncut gems in the near future.

Gems are one of those things that are not frequently traded, so prices are a little more variable. I've come up with what I think is a fair distribution of prices, though, based on difficulty, area to harvest, time to harvest and whether t1, t2 or t3 needed to passive. Also keep in mind the spying gems (phoenix eye, centaur tear and deep stone) are in fairly high demand and prices for those can be much higher at times. Also, if one is in the market for cut gems, prices could be double of uncut gems (depending on carat and due to fair demand for spying).

cass/mala: 1-5s
topaz, jade, obsid, citrine, tanzanite, azurite, amethyst: 10-15s (all 10m)
tsavorite, opal, quartz: 15-20s (15m)
turquoise, garnet, amber, sapphire, lapis: 20-30s (30m)
onyx, morganite, emerald, ruby, diamond: 30s-50s (45m-1h)
phoenix eye, centaur's tear, dragon's tear, unicorn tear: 5g (all drop frequently in dungeons)
small spirit: 5-10g
ice tear, deep stone: 10-15g
stardust: 20-40g
elementary hearts: 5g-50g (these drop frequently in behemoth and Higrann's chest according to my sources :D)

longwatch: topaz(7), jade(10), obsidian(11), opal(14), quartz(16)
highaerie: citrine(8), tanzanite(10),
gruffgoat: azurite(9), amethyst(12),
silver mtn: tsavorite(13), turquoise(17), amber(20), onyx(25)
kingfalcon: garnet(19), emerald(28), diamond(30)
riverwood: sapphire(21)
threebrothers: lapis(23), morganite(27), ruby(29)
shortblades: phoenix eye(32), snake eye(46)
7hills: centaur's tear(34), dragon's tear(38)
loudthunder: small spirit(36)
renmtn: ice tear(38), unicorn tear(42)
giant plains: deep stone(44)

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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Cadphael » Wed 25 Jan 2017, 15:34

Melindra, just letting you know that your time and effort on this is truly appreciated!

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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby infael » Sat 28 Jan 2017, 17:21

I second what Cadphael said!

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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Rawex » Wed 14 Jun 2017, 19:34

Thank you for this Price guide, it helps some what when being totally clueless! ;)

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Re: Price Guide for Newbies

Postby Maniel » Fri 16 Jun 2017, 21:26

Fadila, some prices are totally not the same in other servers ;)
And prices vary with time, game updates, ... but if you know prices in Teasan, it's a good idea.

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