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Thank you to everyone who helped, one way or another, to write this FAQ.

I've started the game, and now I'm lost? What should I do next?!

As you probably know, this game offers 1001 possibilities according to your needs and your advancement in the game. The Therian Saga Team put together this FAQ that should be able to answer most of your questions, no matter what your style of play is, or where you are in the game.

Additionally, we have some links that direct you to useful posts, comments, websites etc etc where you can get a much deeper answer to the question. We do recommend that you have a look over them as they can provide you with a lot of information.

We will try to keep this FAQ updated as regularly as possible, however if you feel that a point has been missed, or we missed an useful link, please contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible. This guide is meant for you and we will listen to all of your feedbacks.

Here a brief summary with quick links:

Newbie Section

I just arrived, I tried to read things but I need more explanation, and I don’t know exactly where I should look, could you help?
We will try! This part is meant for you and should be able to cover most of your interrogation.

Chat and messaging

The chat and the message system are very different than what I am used to in the other games, and I am confused…
Do not worry, this section should answer most of your questions!

Trade Specific

All that is good, but I want to know more about the trades and how they work. Are you able to help me?
Of course, please have a look at this section.

Combat section
Trades are boring, I love to fight! What can you tell me about the fight system In this game?
We can tell you plenty, as you can see it here.

Concessions and Buildings
Concessions, concessions, concessions… people keep talking about that but I cannot find clear info about them…
We will cover the most important things you need to know about the concessions here.

Guilds Section

It’s time for me to look at the guilds… Should I create a new one or join one instead?
Only you can answer this question, I’m afraid. However, we do hope those points will help you to make the best decision.

Lanfar Questions
I just arrived in the Lanfar, and everything is so different…
Check this section as often as you need to, and you will see that it’s just a new beginning.

Norstria Questions
Norstria is almost there, finally! I am so proud of me, but… what now?!
Our experienced players gathered a list of info that should be useful for you from the moment you feel you're ready start you Norstria adventure.

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Newbie section

How can I see other Players and Guilds?

To see other players you’ll have to add them to your friends list, You will get a notification every time they come online, and will be able to see their location on the map. The in-game chat is a good place to start to get to know other players and find about their guilds. There currently is no way to find information about all of the guilds existing on a server. However, some of them might advertise themselves in the guild section of the forum.

How can I add someone to my friends list?

The social menu (shortcut S) will allow you to add somebody to your friends list. Switch to the “Invitations” tab and click the “Add” button. A pop up window will appear asking for the name of the player you want to add.

What are achievements?

Therian Saga is a game without specific goals, you tend to make your own story and your own destination as you play. However if you are looking for specific tasks, then you can look at the Achievements. Think of the achievements as a badge you get for completing certain tasks. They are also good tips about what you haven't found/collected yet!

How do I gain enthusiasm again?

You cannot gain enthusiasm again. It's only a bonus when you leave Hope Island that only last for 24 hours. But do not worry, starting with 1 blue crown, you can accelerate the time by 20 minutes whenever you need.

I've run out of money, what should I do?

Getting money isn't that hard. If you have brought some Blue Crowns then sell that on the auction house for some quick gold. Otherwise, there are various tasks that give you a healthy amount of silver, the most basic is in Craneharbour where you can work for the Falconers to get 25 silver quickly once every 22 hours. There are some more with smaller cooldowns that you will unlock while improving your trades skills. Otherwise, your various trades will always produce resources and items that can be sold for a pretty penny.

I have a guide (companion), but I need another one, why can't I have both at the same time? How/Where can I leave unwanted companions?

You can only have as many companions as your Authority allows. Your authority increases as your leadership increases. To leave behind unwanted companions (never sell them) go to a house of yours (that you made with a concession) and once you are in that location, deposit them there by separating from them.

How can I get more companions if I've already used all of my authority/control?

Usually you do not get rid of your companions (unless it has no interest at all for you) but instead you can get your authority/control back by leaving them in your concession. To increase the maximum control/authority, just increase your taming (for control) and leadership (for authority) stat.

What different companions are there?

There is a companion for everything. They can help you conquering dungeons or becoming a master of your trade. For a general overview check the game guide.

Should I get rid of my apprentice?

Apprentices won’t give your skills a huge boost. But until you have a better companion for your trade, they can be very useful. They also have no defiance, meaning you can have them in your party even when you are out of authority points. So instead of abandoning them, leave them in your concession.

How do I know when I can equip an item?

You cannot equip an item that have too high stats. An item can be equipped if the difference to your hero’s raw skill level (without equipment bonuses) is less than or equal to 15. If your character’s skills are not good enough to equip an something, a red warning message will be shown in the item description.

Where can I find X item?

There are just too many items to tell you the specific locations for each of them. However, the game guide can help you out. Simply click on the item you are looking for, and the guide will show you in which regions it is available.

Why can't I buy X from an NPC?

There are different reasons:
The resource is limited at the NPC, and for now he has none left. Try to go back later.
You do not fulfil the requirements to be able to buy this item, for instance, you do not have enough gold.
The third reason is that Therian Saga is not meant to be played alone. In oder to advance in the game you’ll have to interact with other players, establish contacts and find your own suppliers for the resources you need.

Why can't I do X quest?

The main reason is that you do not have the required skills to start it. Usually those quests are transparents and they will indicate you what you need under the form x/x skill needed. You need to improve this skill to be able to start the quest.

Why is it useful to read the quest text?

Always read the quest text as it will give you important hints and tips for where to go. For instance, if you read carefully the instructions and dialogues in the quest “Follow my instructions” you will have precious hints about the location of the items you are looking for.

I cannot finish a quest, my items are in the professional chest!

The quest system currently does not recognise items in your profession chest. That’s why you have to move them in your inventory before you can turn them in to finish a quest.

How do I regain Energy?

There are three ways, either sleep (camp, Inn, home or in the guild buildings), buy a cookie from the in-game store to restore energy, or craft your own energy regeneration potions.

What is the difference between sleeping in a camp and sleeping anywhere else?

Your hero will recover health and energy no matter where he sleeps. However, if you sleep in the camp you will only go up to 100 energy while all the other locations will grant you a bonus based on the comfort of the place. It will be mandatory to have extra energy to complete some tasks!

I'm mutilated, what does that mean and how do I remove it?

You are mutilated if your health drops below 0. It means that you will loose some energy, all tasks will take twice as long to complete, and all combat will last just 1 round (since the loose condition for combat is if you are dead, you can still fight with your companions, but after the first round ends, you will loose the fight if your opponent is still alive.)
To remove it, sleep for a full cycle – 15min, or by a Phoenix Elixir from the item shop.

When I explore an area, can I only find locations within the circle or the whole area?

You will always explore the whole area, however you are more likely to find locations closer to where you are.

I keep exploring the area, but the location does not show up, what should I do?

If you know the exact location of the point you want to find, try to move closer. Otherwise, read the reports to see if there is something close by. If there is, you will get the message: “After exploring the area, you have found nothing if interest. However, you have the impression that you missed something.” If you see that, just keep on exploring. If that message does not come up, it can mean two different things: first of all, the place can only be found with a quest, they have 1000 Concealment. Or it can also mean that your land and/or exploring skills are not high enough. Try to improve your overall exploring stats (not only by improving your personal stats, but also by equipping a better companion, jewel, having a companion giving you a better bonus or and by using some potions), and it might do the trick!

What is the difference between on-site and off-site objectives?

An on-site objective is one that is at a specific location found by exploring. Off-Site objectives tend to be a specific co-ordinates that are not locations. If you have a quest that has an off-site objective, check the wiki for help to get the exact co-ordinates you need for the quest.

How and where can I sell my items?

There are several ways to sell your items. You can sell them to NPC merchants. However, other players usually pay better prices than NPCs. If you have an item others might be interested in, you can either list it in the public market, or sell it directly via mail. To advertise your goods you can use the in-game chat or the commerce and trading section of the forum.

How can I send an item to another play?

Just as you need to be at a mailbox to receive items, you need to be at one to send (unless you have a courier contract). Once you fill one of the conditions, press v ingame or click the mail icon. From the mail tab, click send to open a new message. Items can be dragged and dropped from your backpack to the mail to be attached.

I bought an item from the market, but it's not in my inventory, where is it?

All items bought in the public market will not directly go into your inventory. Instead they will be kept in the market’s storage. To redeem them you have to be at the public market location in the City of Hawkoria or Maliken Harbor. If you want to retrieve the items remotely, you’ll have to use a courier contract.

Is there a fee for selling items in the market and how much is it?

For listing items in the public market, you’ll be charged 2.5% of the requested amount and an additional 2.5% if the item sells. So a total of 5%.

Why is the search function useful in the bag?

Your bag will soon resemble Mary Poppin's handbang, the depth is infinite and even when empty you can accidentally find a bowling ball. The search helps hide the clutter so that you see only the items you want!

What is the difference between the civil and adventure tabs?

The civil tab allows you to customize what other players see when they meet you. It's for aesthetics only and the stats from the civil clothes do not add to your skills.

How do I get to Landel Island?

Firstly you need to have started the quest “Rumors of Ghosts”. Once that is started, you can reach Landel Islands by rowing from Craneharbour. Important note, if you complete the quest “Rumors of Ghosts” but do not turn it in, and you leave the Island, you will not be able to return to the Island until you turn in the quest.

Where do I need swamp, snow skills etc etc?[/size]

You will need these skills when later in your adventure. So if you're new, relax and don't worry about them for now! You’ll have to learn swamp skill before you an enter the Howling Swamps in Lanfar, and Snow is required for your Norstrian adventure.

What are the Foggy Pearls and what are they used for?

You get these from completing certain quests and from beating some monsters.
These are used for end-game legendary companions. Save them, you will need a lot!

What are wings used for?

Better companions require these as a symbol that you are worth their time. The wings are required for hiring some companions and are a symbol of your achievement in a specific trade.

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What are the current existing channels?

The channel “All” gather all the general channels: Global, Region and Local, the game messages (fights, logins, achievements…) as well as the private discussions.

It’s a bit messy… and how can I send a message to a specific player?

You can type /w <nickname> <message> or click on the character name in the chat window. His/her nickname will appear in pink (or purple if you are friends) in the chat window.
The private messages appear no matter the chat tab you’re on.

How to reply to a private message?

Type /r <message> or click on this person nickname

I accidentally clicked on someone’s nickname, but I do not want to talk to him. How can I go back to the global chat window?

Click anywhere outside a message on the chat window or type /# (code of the requested channel)

How can I send a chat message to my guild members?

You have to type /g <message> or to click on the chat window when the “Guild” tab is active.
Be careful, the guild messages are only visible from the guild tab.

How to create/join a specific chat channel?

At the right side of the last chat tab you can see a “+” which allows you to join or create a specific channel.

How to hide what a player says, or ignore him?

You need to type /ignore <nickname> in the chat window. If you change your mind, the exact same command will enable you to reverse the situation.
Keep in mind that this command will not prevent this user to send you mails, only chat messages.

How to copy a message or a link sent by a player?

You have to press ALT and to click at the same time on the line you want to copy. It will automatically be added in your clipboard. A CTRL + V will enable you to paste it.
However, be careful, the whole line including the channel and the nickname of the person will be copied.

The mails

How can I send/receive mails?

Via the Mail link in game (top right corner – shortcut V) you can send a mail to another character.
This mail can contain only some text, but also some money and some item (with or without cash on delivery).
You can send a mail to one of your friend via your friend list (shortcut S). At the right of this person image after you clicked on his/her name, you will have an option called “Mail”. You can send a guild message to one or all the members of your guild via the Guild overview (shortcut G).

Where can I find the mailbox?

They can be found in the big cities of each region (For instance: Craneharbor, Teasan and the City of Hawkoria for the region of Hawkoria). You can notice them via the drawing of a mailbox on the background of the place.
Players can get a mailbox for their concession (Mailbox) or their guild domain (Guild’s Mailbox) via the shop. A mailbox is only for one concession/domain. If you want one at more than once place, you will need to buy several mailboxes.

There’s a lock on the case, which prevent me to send/collect an item. Why?

You can send/receive a message or some money from any location, but if you want to send or receive an item, you need to be near a mailbox or use a Courier contract that enable you to do so from afar.
If you are in the area where there’s a mailbox, it has to appear on the tab you’re in. Sometimes it’s a bit bugged, and you might have to go to another tab and back to the right one or you might have to open the Mail window by clicking on the mailbox.

Can I send a mail to one of my character on the same account?
Of course! There’s no restriction for the mail recipient.

I saw a Cash on Delivery option. What is its purpose?

If you want to send an item that will paid to you when collected, you need to fill in this area with the requested amount and tick the case ‘Cash on Delivery’. The money will be transferred automatically from him to you when he collects it.
Make sure to enter properly the requested amount!

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What are wings and what do I need them for?

Currently, there’s 3 kind of wings in game:
• Cooper: the 3 of them are mandatory to obtain the gold wing of the dedicated field. They also enable you to hire the T2 companions in a shelter/an inn which have stats starting at 20.
• Gold: some are required for Eliandel wings. Their main utility is to hire a specialist of the associated field which starting stats at 30.
• Eliandel: you can get them at the Fellowship of the Falconers and enable you to hire the legendary companions at the Market of Wonders

How are skills calculated?

4 settings are taken into account to calculate the global stat of a trade/skill: the hero average, the tool/weapon/equipment, the best companion and the place (workshop/site). The best stat of the four counts for 40%, the second one for 30 %, the third for 20% and the last for 10%. To that score you add the magic (jewel or potions that counts for 100%.


How can I level my land skills?

Land skills works in the same way than the other competences and following the same rules. However you also have the possibility to improve them fighting, the difficulty of the land where you fight will be used as reference to calculate the gain probability.

Why can’t I raise my trades anymore?

If you can’t raise a specific trade anymore, your skill level is probably already too high and the difficulty of the task too low. If your hero’s base skill exceeds the difficulty of the task by more than 5 points, you won’t be able to skill up with that task anymore. You can see the skill raise probability for a task when you move the mouse over the green shield icon at the top left corner of the task window.

I can't level on X anymore but my skill is not high enough to do a more difficult task. What should I do? How to improve my skills?

In this kind of situation, the best thing to do is to change the tool, the companion and the jewel. In addition, having a workshop (on site or in a concession/domain) will boost the global stat. In the end, taking a potion to increase temporarily a stat in order you unlock the next step should help you overcome this kind of difficulties.

How can I raise stone to cut granite?

If the level of the task is the problem, please refer to the previous point.
If the mechanical resistance is the issue, you will have to find a more powerful consumable or a mill, or even an idol/talisman (of Sair in this case)

Do different handles affect the stats of my tool/weapon?

Different handles only affect the durability of your item. However, the durability system hasn’t been implemented in the game yet. That’s why you don’t need high quality handles when crafting a tool or weapon, using Fir or Cedar will be fine.

How do I get fuel?

There are several ways to get fuel. You can obtain firewood by woodcutting. Or you can extract it in mines. It can also be synthesized by alchemists.

If I use better fuel, will my crafted item be better?

Fuel does not increase the quality of your item. However, when you want to forge a tool or weapon, you’ll have to overcome the thermal resistance of the ingredients. That’s why high level items may require better fuel.

What is thermal/mechanical resistance?

The thermal or mechanical resistance are two of the eight possible resistance in game (thermal, mechanical, abrasion, corrosion, assembly, concoction, stabilization, tanning). They add a difficulty when you want to craft items encouraging you to use a consumable or equipment adapted.

What are idols/talismans good for and where do I get them?

Idols and talismans are a good way to reduce resistances when you are trying to craft an item. If you have an idol equipped, you’ll be able to do the same craft with lower level consumables. Some talismans also give you a nice attack and defense bonus. To create idols and talismans, you’ll need to learn the archeology trade.

What are the runic tools? How can I get them?

Runic tools are created thanks to some runes in a temple. The player will then need the appropriate tool and recipe. The temple is a guild building that can only be build in Norstria.

What are discoverable recipes and how do I get them?

Some recipes can’t be bought, they can only be obtained while working. Every time you finish a task, there’s a chance to learn new a recipe of the same trade and the same branch (we cannot find a foundry recipe forging weapons). In addition, the recipe cannot be more than 10 point higher or lower to the craft.

The resource I need can't be gathered. How can I still get it?

Not all resources can be collected with gathering professions. If you still want to get them, you’ll have to learn commerce or drop them in fights.

Where do I learn spying?

Not so fast 007. Before you can become a spy, you’ll need to complete the quest “The Power of Paper”. To start it you need to go to Khor Shelian’s Cabin in Lanfar. After you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be able to learn the spy trade in the Residential district inside the City of Hawkoria.

How can I train my leadership?

You can increase your hero’s leadership by recruiting more companions. If you are new to the game, lessons at Craneharbor will enable you to complete the firsts steps. Once you hired a companion adapted to your trade in the site indicated by your destiny, recruiting a henchman or a guard in the Raven Inn’s common room is a good way to get your skill up.

Where can I tame/recruit X fastest? Where can I find X companion for my Y skill?

The easiest is to go on the Guide (stats are indicating with a mouse over the name). A click on the requested companion will also indicate you the percentage of presence per area.
For the human ones, most of the T1 (those with 10 as starting stats) are in Hawkoria region in places adapted to their skills. The T2 can only be found in a shelter/inn built in a concession. The specialists are only to be found in the inn of a concession built in the Lanfar. The guide will also indicate you the percentages of presence.

The guide was saying XX for the companion stat, but I got less! Why?

When the companion is hired, they are randomly picked based on the basic stats which might make them variate a bit by more or less 3 points. A companion with starting stats at 20 can in fact have 17 or 23.

What are balms and how do I use them?

Balms help you when you got a low stat at the moment of hiring a companion! They are created by the alchemists and are used via some learning structures (schools, academies, barracks) that you can build in a concession. If the criterion are fulfilled, you just need to click on the balm and then “Use” and then click on the companion you wish to balm when you are in the learning building.
Rules to apply the balms:
• 1 balm = 1 point
• The level to take into account is the base stat of the companion (the starting point right after you recruited them, without the various up)
• The stat of the balm must be at least one 1 level higher to the base of the stat to balm when you use it.
• The level of the learning building must be at least of the level of the stat of the companion you want to balm when you use the balm.

What is the profession chest? How can I place items there and how can I remove them?

The profession chest is a place where you can store resources sorted by trade. That way your inventory won’t get to messy, no matter how many resources you collect. To put an item in the profession chest, simply click on the profession chest button and drag and drop it from your inventory into the chest. If you want to move all resources currently in your bag into your profession chest, simply click the deposit all button. To move something back into your bag, open the chest and click on the item you want remove.

Where can I get seals and what do I need them for?

Seals can be created once you obtained the recipe in the Aristocratic suburbs, or there or in a secret grave in a concession. They enable you to obtain Gold ingots and Solardran fabrics.

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Are fights part of the game?

Yes, fights are a part of the game! During your adventures in Myriaden your hero will have to engage in several battles while conquering dungeons and hunting for enemy drops.

Can my hero be attacked outside of dungeons?

Even outside of dungeons you’ll have to face several dangers on your journey through the old continent. While the region of Hawkoria is safe to explore, your hero might get attacked travel ling through Lanfar or Norstria.

How do I know whether an area is dangerous?

When you plan a trip the risk of journey is being displayed in the travel window.

Are there any PVP battles in this game?

Yes, you will be able to clash weapons with your fellow adventurers. So far, only the arena and the duels have been implemented. But fear not, even the strongest fighters of Myriaden will not be able to hurt you. Even if you get beaten, you will not lose any health or energy. You can register for the Arena in the City of Hawkoria, while you can duel people anywhere.
Keep in mind that only the arena can help you improve your skills.

Can a hero die in battle, and if he gets injured, how do I heal him?

Fear not, warriors! No hero has ever died in Myriaden. However, they can be harmed, injured, or mutilated. The same goes for the companions in your party. But a good night of sleep can heal all wounds! Alternatively, healing potions (unless you are mutilated) or phoenix elixirs will do the trick.

Weapons, Armor, and Companions

My character can equip up to four weapons, can I use all of them in a fight?

Yes and no: in combat, the choice of the offense is automatically chosen to do as many damages as possible, and it is determined by the equipped weapons and the difference attack/defense. Unless you equip a single weapon with one kind of offense, you cannot manually choose it.

How can I get better weapons and better armor?

If you earned some gold during your adventures, you can buy them, of course. Just check the public market to see which items your fellow Therians are selling. Some NPCs will sell weapons and armor as well. Or, if you are a skilled blacksmith, woodworker, stonecutter or tanner, you can craft them yourself. And sometimes your opponents may also leave something behind after you’ve defeated them in battle.

I tried to equip better armor/weapons and it says my character’s skills are not good enough to equip this item. What should I do?

The game would be too easy if you could equip the best armor and weapons right away. That’s why you have to earn them! You won’t be able to equip items that are more than 15 points above your hero’s attack and defense skill level. In order to use something better you’ll have to hone your skills.

How can I increase my character’s attack and defense scores?

There is only one way to improve your combat ability. Fight, fight and when you are done fight some more.

How do shields work?

Shields are used in the calculation of your equipment bonus in dodging. In addition based on the overall stats of the shield you get an overall damage reduction.

What does the obstruction stat do?

This functionality is not yet implemented

The dungeon is too difficult to do it alone! Can I get some help?

No hero should ever venture into a dungeon alone. You will need a party of skilled fighting companions to conquer them.

Where can I get fighting companions?

There are several ways to recruit the skilled fighters of Myriaden. A few mercenaries are available in the common room of Hawkoria’s Raven Inn. Later in the game, you’ll have to build your own inn (or shelter) in Lanfar to recruit even stronger fighting companions. In addition to humanoid companions, you will also be able to tame wild animals to support you in battle. A third way of getting fighting companions to join your party is progressing in the game. Finishing some quest lines will reward you with strong fighters like Yraen Assalan and Cerrydwen Cahern.

Why won't my companion fight with me?

In order to take part in a fight, your companion needs to have attack or defense skills. If they do, they have crossed swords in the circle under their image. And if you have several fighting companions, only the first four in the companion bar (from left to right) will participate in battle. If one of your companions gets mutilated, they will be excluded from battle until you heal them. The next companion in line will take their place.
Finally, do not forget to tell him to attack!

To battle! How fights work

I’ve just entered my first fight, what should I do?

Run, run as fast as you can! Just kidding, you should have a look at the links below. They will explain in detail how the combat system works.

How can I defend someone else or myself?

Fights in Therian Saga aren’t all about attacking. Defending is important to. If you make no decision for a party member, it will remain in defensive mode, meaning it will only participate in the fight if it gets attacked. In defensive mode the damage taken is reduced by 30%. In order to guard another member of your party, you have to choose a hero or companion and drag and drop their avatar on the member of your team you want to protect. The one protecting will receive the damage instead.

Which member of my team will my opponents attack?

The first three opponents will always target your hero, the next three, if they exist, will attack the first companion, the next three the second, and so on... But beware, some creatures also have the ability to target the member of your party that is most vulnerable to their attack.

Who strikes first?

Usually, it is done in the decreasing order of the differences ( your offense - defense of the opponent).

A monster keeps avoiding my hits, how does that happen?

When the difference in your attack and the opponent defense is too hight in favor of the defense, the chances to hit are drastically reduced. Moreover, a way too important difference in the land stats also influence the chances to hit the enemy.

Can I improve my land skill in fights?

Fighting on difficult terrain is actually a pretty good way to increase your land skill.

Can fights be simulated?

Some battles can be simulated. However, this only applies if you get attacked outside of dungeons. When you face a monster on your travels through dangerous areas a two minute time will start. If you haven’t started the fight before it expires, the outcome of the battle will be determined automatically.

What the purpose of the small circles below the avatars of my companions?

The round icons below will help you to manage automated battles. You can either set your hero and companions to attack, defend or protect another member of your party by dragging them at the right place.

What’s a good strategy in battle? Should I attack or defend with my companions?

Fighting isn’t all about brute force, you’ll have to use your brain as well! A good strategy helps you to avoid getting mutilated and minimize the use of healing potions.

When you begin, you will often juggle between having both your hero and your companions receiving damages until you find better equipments.

Then you will often have to receive damages with your hero and leave your companions attack, unless you are facing strong enemies where you will have to juggle with your companions to defend, as you did when you started.

My hero is about to get mutilated, should I flee from the fight?

It depends on the situation. If your companions are in relatively good health, leave to try again after a few healing potions and sleep cycles can be more rewarding than being mutilated.
If they are badly injured, you will most probably have to sleep, so then, try as hard as you can if you might be able to win, as it might be rewarding.

How is damage taken calculated?

Damage taken for companions and monsters is straight-forward. The difference between the appropriate attack and defense determines how hard each hit will be, should it land.

Damage taken for players is different. The only thing that reduces damage taken is the overall damage reduction from your shield (as mentioned above) and your ARMOR value compared to the attacker’s defense.
The overall defensive stats are used to determine which attack will be used (blunt/slash/pierce) and for dodge chance ONLY.

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What is a concession?

A concession is a land that you buy to be able to settle on it. You can build workshops, comfortable sleeping places but also you can store in here items and companions.

Can I have more than one concession?

Of course, there’s absolutely no restriction in the total amount of concession you may have!

Is it mandatory?

More than mandatory, it’s a step that you will need to do to simplify your life and to progress quickly: indeed, you can live there not only the items that take too much place, but also the companion that require too much authority or control. You also can build workshops that will help you a lot with your future progress.

How can I buy and install a concession?

From the moment you arrive in Hawkoria, you can buy a concession in the city of Hawkoria talking to the Notary Vilian Brownmap (Military District, 3rd, tab, The King’s Registry). The price depends on where you want to settle (from ~30 silver to ~10 gold).

Once you arrived where you want to install your home, you will have to click on “Manage” to be able to settle in and access the chest and the tab where you can leave your companions.

Afterwards, you will need to expand your concession to be able to build things there.

Is there’s a recommended place for my first concession?

Yes, it is adviced to settle in the Plains of Hawkoria or in the Whitestone fields due to the proximity with the City of Hawkoria (access to the market and the mailbox) or Enowen’s trading post (way to the Lanfar, mailbox). Settle in another area is of interest only if you plan to build a mine or a quarry.

I arrived in Lanfar, but I cannot find the NPC where I can buy a deed… where is he hiding?

This territory is not fully colonized yet. Due to that, everyone can settle as they want, for free.

How can I get a concession in the Den?

You are only able to settle in the Den after fully completing a quest.

How to get a concession in Norstria?

You need to buy a Concession Parchment from one of the four families (Lufomir, Starfield and Forest of the Last Assault using 20 reputation points; Cape End-of-the-World, Jotun Forest and Dragons' Jaw with 40 reputation points)

My concession is overlapping another place! What should I do?!

You have to contact the support giving the following information:
• Character involved
• Concession name
• Coordinates of the concession
• Name of the place on the same coordinate

How can I build something on my concession?

Each building requires a specific place (encumbrance). You first have to expand the land to the requested encumbrance for the building you want to buy. The amount of tasks needed varies according to the land and its difficulty. Then you will need some structures. They changes according to what you want to build, but also where you want to build it. All the structures together must be higher than the land difficulty. The land scores are indicated on the structures you build or buy in Hawkoria (at the market or at the merchant). Do not forget to include the machines, furniture, ornaments… when building it.

How and why exploiting resources on the concession?

Having a building where you can exploit resources has two interesting aspects:
If the resource can be found in the nature or on a public site, it will be easiest to get it in the concession.
If a resource is available in an area but no public place allow you to exploit it, then the concession is the only way. You must study where you want to have your concession according to your needs and the availability of the resources!
You will then need a building to be able to gather the resources with adapted machines. The level of the machine (and the materials used) influence the bonuses and the productivity.

I heard that companions can work in my concession, how can I make them work?

Once you have the appropriate building(s) on your concession, you will have to make sure you have an accommodation answering the needs of your companion. Look at the Guide or under “Interest” on the companion characteristics to know more.
Once on the resource gathering tab, click on your companion. A window will then be opened with the actions the companion can do according to his level in this area. Click on the task you want to see him perform.
The companion now does the action at a third of the hero’s speed (he sleeps and enjoy his life the rest of the time). Be careful, you will no longer enjoy his bonuses and he won’t progress alone.
When you mouse over the companion, an icon indicates the action he is performing, how far he is and his salary for each action. Going back to the workplace of each companion, you can “” to get the items. You can also “” to make him stop.

What is the difference between a mine and a quarry? The rail is used to mine or prospect?

The quarry and mines enable you to exploit resources: gems, ore, stones and fuels. But you need to do so with the right association:
• Stone: extraction rail and quarry
• Gems and coal: extraction rail and mine
• Ore: prospection rail and mine

Can I destroy my concession? Will I get the materials back?

You can destroy a concession, but it has a cost. You will get back all your furniture, ornaments, machines… but you will lose 25% of the structures. For a workshop, it corresponds to 1 framework, 1 roofing and 1 wall.
Attention: If you have a mailbox on the concession, it will be destroyed with the concession.

What is the difference between a shelter and an inn?

There are 5 constructions where you can sleep and only two of them allow you to hire companions: the shelter and the inn.
• Tent: comfort 5
• Hut: comfort 10
• Cottage: comfort 20
• Shelter: comfort 10, prestige 5, leadership 1
• Inn: comfort 20, prestige 10, leadership 10
Sleeping in your concession is free.

How can I hire companions? What is required?

As you can see it in the guide, not all companions are available in the same places. It is important to select properly where to build your inn.
Your companions have different needs in comfort and prestige, as you can see on the guide. According to that, you will have to build an inn or a shelter and put the appropriate furniture to reach the level needed in order to be able to hire the companion.
The building leadership does not influence the companions but contribute to the bonus of the place for your personal leadership total.

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What is the point of a guild in this game?

The main advantage of a guild is to gather the players around common objectives in order to simplify the progress of the group (with the guild workshops for instance). In addition, guilds grant access to special resources and recipes that you can only obtain this way.

Great, so how can I create my own guild?

• In Hawkoria: you need to buy a “Guild Hall” in the imperial district (~12 gold)
• In Lanfar: at Maliken, in the Falconer’s small fort (~12 gold)

Then camp where you want to have it, enter the name you picked for your guild and confirm.

What if I want to join a guild, how should I proceed?

You have to contact the leader of the guild you wish to join and he has to invite you. Only he can do so.

I accidentally entered the wrong guild name! Please help!

In the guild interface, select “Rename the guild”.

How can I see the last time that one of my guild member logged in?

As of today, it is not possible. The only way to access this information is via the friend list. Is it thus advised to add your guild members as friend to be able to access this information.

How does the right management work?

For for now, there’s only one right for the members: being able to collect items from the guild inventory. To get this right, the leader of the guild must give it to you. Once it’s the case, a yellow chest appear at the right of your nickname on the guild members list.

I stored some items that I wasn’t supposed to in the Guild storage, but I can’t get them back, why?

You probably do not have the rights to do so. You can check if a yellow chest appear at the right of your nickname in the guild members list. If it's not there, ask your guild leader.

A member stole some items before leaving the guild, how can I get them back?

Unfortunately it’s your responsibility to be careful about who you invite and what rights you give them. You won’t be able to get those items back, sorry.

How does right management work?

As for now, there’s only one right for the members: being able to collect items from the guild inventory. To get this right, the leader of the guild must give it to you. Once you have it, a yellow chest appear at the right of your nickname on the guild members list.

There’s no more free slots in my guild, what should I do?

From the beginning, the hall grants 5 slots. Building a headquarters gives 5 additional slots, the manor 15 more and the castle as many as its accommodation value, which leads to a total between 26 and 45 slots.

Why can’t I put a specific domain on the map?

Only the leader of the guild can create a new domain. Furthermore, it is only permitted to have one domain per area, and finally you need to check that you have the right kind of treaty: Hawkoria for a domain in Hawkoria, Lanfar for one in Lanfar. The Den and Norstria require specific pacts that can only obtain via a delegation or a festival.

How to construct a guild domain in Norstria?

You need to get the pact from the Fishing Net festival in the castle.

I clicked everywhere but my character refuses to leave the domain, why?!

Make sure you do not have cumbersome items in your inventory. If it’s the case, a green bar with a fraction like xx/yy will be visible on the bottom of your satchel. Storing those items in the domain will fix the issue.

I am missing some construction plans or some buildings, how can I get them?

Not a lot of buildings can be discovered. Quite often, you will have to buy them or to unlock them thanks to some guild delegations or festivals in the headquarters, manor or castle.

I cannot see a specific domain on the map, but I know it is supposed to be here. What should I do?

Go in the guild menu, then in the tab ‘Domains’ and once there click on the button ‘Locate’ in front of the requested domain.

Where can I find the delegation and festivals?

In the buildings specific to the Guild Hall (Headquarters/Manor/Castle).

I completed a festival, but I haven’t received anything! Why?

The items that are the result of a collective task (festival, delegation, agreement, cluster, Giant trunks and monolith) arrive directly in the hall/domain inventory where it was collected.

Help! Our guild leader disappeared!

No need to panic. After being away for 14 days, a vote will be offered to the guild members to elect a new leader.

Too many people are away, we can’t elect a new leader. What should we do now?

Please contact the support that will guide you with the next steps.

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What should I have before going to Norstria?

The least you must have before going to Norstria is a Norstria goat which helps with your snow skill, trade and spying (find it at the Renaissance Mountains, with taming). You also need at least 30 in exploration. 30 snow and global is useful for the first steps in this territory.
Regarding the fight skills, the least you should have is probably an armor of plated bronze-steel (~38) or plated odiemel/eliandel (or harnois bronze-steel (~50) to easy up things). You also need to have completed Elisime Ruins to be able to handle the first steps.

How can I go to Norstria?

You need to have Cerrrydwen Cahern in your team, and then you have to travel to Maliken Harbor, at the Maliken docks. You will be guided by the quest “Norstrian adventure”.

I have Cerrydwen but the quest is not visible, why?

Make sure you have Cerrydwen Cahern and not Cerrydwen companion in your team. If you have the companion, complete Cerrydwen’s saga and the quests linked to it.

Is it mandatory to finish the Den before going to Norstria?

No it is not, but keep in mind that the difficulty in Norstria increases, By the end, it will be harder than the Den!

How to get a concession in Norstria?

You need to buy a Concession Parchment from one of the four families (Lufomir, Starfield and Forest of the Last Assault using 20 reputation points; Cape End-of-the-World, Jotun Forest and Dragons' Jaw with 40 reputation points)

What are the reputation points and how to get some?

Reputation points enable you to unlock the shops of the four families. To gain reputation points you need to complete their quests, or to donate a specific item to a family regularly via the request NPC.

I can’t get into the shop, the items are transparent, why?

Look on the top right corner of the shop window, the prerequisite in the form of an icon associated to a number: you most likely do not fill this prerequisite.

How to construct a guild domain in Norstria?

You need to get the pact from the Fishing Net festival in the castle.

Where can I find the legendaries in Norstria?

On Hydra Island or at Doctor Fulgarson's university, the access can be found in the Haven of the Lords at the Cape End-of-the-World.

How can I access the Tarasquan?

You need to complete the quests of the Caleron Family. The next steps are in Halmvik.

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