Oceanabor glass

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Oceanabor glass

Postby infael » Fri 06 Mar 2020, 14:17

Where do I find the recipe for oceanabor?

Almost all Therian sites are inaccessible even with Chrome. Those sites probably aren't up to date with the security stuff being added to browsers these days.

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Re: Oceanabor glass

Postby Nulani » Fri 06 Mar 2020, 15:47

Oceanobor's recipe is guild recipe, from guild festival and you need to have a castle in your main quarters.

The problem with most browsers is that they stopped to support Silverlight and Therian saga is based upon Silverlight. Try PaleMoon (the best choice in my opinion) or Opera portable. You can use Virtys client too and this is most probably the best solution.

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Re: Oceanabor glass

Postby ivica » Sun 08 Mar 2020, 22:15

Chrome :http://theriansaga-wiki.ru/%D0%97%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%BA
right click and translate to the language you want

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