can transportation be faster?

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can transportation be faster?

Postby infael » Mon 16 Jan 2017, 04:52

Is there a way to speed up transportation, or at least improve transportation?

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Re: can transportation be faster?

Postby Stormi » Mon 16 Jan 2017, 05:54

The Higher your transport, the faster you move is the best advice. Some large things just simply take a while.

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Re: can transportation be faster?

Postby Céline » Mon 16 Jan 2017, 10:17

hello :)
You can "up" in Guild (40 max), have a companion (aurochs, hipporiel,...), jewel (amber, ice tear), tool (vehicule for transportation).
Guild can install Road.
And you can use a "Traveler's horn", it work also when you do transportation ;) (speed x3).
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Re: can transportation be faster?

Postby Gopol » Tue 25 Jul 2017, 11:30

Terrain skill will also speed up the transport a little (on the appropriate terrain)
Roads are costly for a rather small gain in speed and encumbrance allowance.
You can build a Hiding Place Network using only NPC structures in some regions but the gain is very small. (Remember that for a road or road-like structure to be effective, you have its tab selected when you program the transport)

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