Paticipate in the duels - Imperial domain

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Paticipate in the duels - Imperial domain

Postby Aristance » Mon 29 Feb 2016, 20:21

I have three characters on my account. My first character participated in the duels without any problem.

I found the island and Imperial domain with my second character, and attempted to do the short combat quest, Participate in the duels. Unfortunately, I was unable to because it indicated I did not have a high enough offense skill. The requirement is 15, and it said I have a 9.2. Examining my character sheet, my individual offense skill is listed as 23, and the specific weapon type offense skills are 23, 12, and 17. All of these when combined with the general offense skill are above 15 (23, 17.5, and 20). With companions and equipment, the combined scores are 24.5, 23, and 28. I do not see anywhere that indicates my score is 9.2, and my skills seem to meet all the minimum requirements.

My third character has a similar problem, but with slightly lower scores (the quest score indicates I have an 8.8, and comparable slightly lower scores for the rest of the stats but again all are above 15).

Is this score something I am unable to view (making it hard to know if I have met the requirements or not), or is this a bug in the system?

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Re: Paticipate in the duels - Imperial domain

Postby Deva » Mon 29 Feb 2016, 21:34

Might be looking solely at Offense's contribution. Never acquires any companions or weapons with straight "Offense". Therefore, 23 * 0.4 = 9.2. Sounds like a bug. Requires 38 Hero Offense otherwise. (x * 0.4 = 15. x = 15 / 0.4 = 37.5. Rounds up to 38.)

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