Black Board to offer Service

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Black Board to offer Service

Postby rons0n » Sat 19 Aug 2017, 10:10

My idea is to add a ingame Blackboard so players can offer their service in their specialized trades.
For example if you wanna make money with engineering then you obvious wanna sell some machines.
But you probably cant offer all kinds of machines at the trade market, thats an huge investment.
Especially when you build an expensive one, you wanna have a buyer first.

With an Blackboard you can put down a Note, in an Engineering Tab and offer your skills.
eg. "Iam an Engineer lvl 30 and can offer my service to you, if you sent me the Materials you get a huge discout, send me a mail for further details."
Another player which is looking for a machine can now get in contact with you and use your service.
That is very usefull in case that players have no contact to someone to help him out, and when there is no offer
on the market for the machine hes looking for. Thats especially handy on a realm with a low occupancy rate (the trade market is very empty doe).

let me know what you think about it. Is it really worth it and can it work like that?

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Re: Black Board to offer Service

Postby Lifewarden » Sat 19 Aug 2017, 11:58

Good idea, though the forums always worked as a Black Board. It's just the latest wave of new Steam people don't realize that forums is an integral part of the game, but an older generation used the the <server> subforum (EU in my case), or a general subforum as a LF / WTT / WTB / etc. place

p.s. the latest example which is still near the top of hot topics on a main page - Dombili trades thread. Ages back we were posting threads like "making harnois from your/my mats for free" and alike, quite often

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