the stock in the store

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the stock in the store

Postby Ksander » Sat 24 Feb 2018, 11:48

Good day, dear Sirs developers!
I have a question for You. It was always interesting to know where You get the idea that it is time to organize another protest in the store? Just need? Or told who? Or is the budget coming to an end? Why are They always so unexpected and unpredictable? And non-permanent. In the absence of advertising, it seems to me that shopping is Your main source of income. And the possibility of development. I will tell you a secret - in the Russian Federation wages are paid at the beginning of the month, and by the end of the month it ends. Isn't that hard for you to imagine? It is logical to imagine that shopping will be less than it could be.
Conduct a survey among players, collect data, when, to what extent and what purchases players would like to make!!
And a couple of lines of criticism. The contents of the store have not changed for several years. Payment by paypal is not very convenient, payment by credit card again requires paypal!
Buying new characters is irrational - the second character MUST be opened to the player for free after passing the first series of quests, the third - for half the cost, the fourth - for 100% of the cost, the fifth - for 150% of the cost.
Only by changing your approach and policy of providing paid services You will get the development of the game and attract new players. Conduct an audit and draw conclusions on how many players you have already lost. To start the game VERY hard. All actions WITHOUT first payment fit into three or four clicks, the character goes to sleep and nothing more of the action. Pay-and you will continue actions. This approach scares many.
I assure you, we will not be able to move the game forward based on outdated trends.

P.S. it's a shame that the action in the store I can not buy anything, but the need is there.

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