Music/sound settings

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Music/sound settings

Postby Tuf » Mon 30 Apr 2018, 06:19

Please make default music and sound OFF.
Or make settings for an account (on site, not in game) to choose Music and Sound On or Off
It is really good music, But when playing more then 1 char it became not good.
After every update settings are switched back and can be turned off (manually for every char) but before it done this cacophony is so terrible...

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Re: Music/sound settings

Postby Céline » Mon 30 Apr 2018, 06:34


Like a lot of other things, it's not as easy as it seems :?
and if we do it, some other players will ask to restaure default sounds and music ON...

If find a solution :)
-> open the game (once)
-> right clic on "loud speaker" in your toolbar (
-> clic "open the sound mixer" (
-> clic to mute "TherianSaga" (
This way, I can play and watch a movie (
~Contact :

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