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Trading stuffs for galandor nuggets/ingots

Posted: Sat 20 Feb 2016, 18:33
by Razvan
Hi. I'm interested in trading my kryanite nuggets, wingu fabrics, azulio planks, salancedar planks/logs or other stuffs for your galandor nuggets/ingots.

Last updated: 31/03/2018.
Nickname in-game: Razvan_

Re: [WTT/WTB/WTS] Razvan's shop

Posted: Fri 26 Feb 2016, 23:55
by Hunter105
What are you WTS?

Re: [WTT/WTB/WTS] Razvan's shop

Posted: Mon 14 Mar 2016, 19:51
by Razvan
Added some things.
I'm waiting for offers to the things that I didn't set a price.

Re: Razvan's shop

Posted: Fri 01 Apr 2016, 13:19
by Razvan
Update: added some things, removed other things.
Highly prefer to contact me in-game via mail with offers. My in-game name is "Razvan_"

Re: WTB Archeology Dictionaries | Looking for engineer

Posted: Mon 18 Apr 2016, 11:44
by Razvan
Up. Looking for things, please contact me in-game with a mail! (Razvan_)

Re: WTB/WTT for Gold Ingots or Seals!!

Posted: Mon 02 May 2016, 08:11
by Razvan

Re: Trading armour set(s)

Posted: Fri 06 May 2016, 18:35
by Razvan
Looking for an odiemel/eliandel harnois set! Contact me in-game please! (Razvan_)

Re: Looking for balms/balm maker

Posted: Fri 17 Jun 2016, 20:19
by Razvan
UP. I'm looking for someone who can craft me some balms

Re: Looking for balms/balm maker

Posted: Fri 17 Jun 2016, 20:44
by Laerities/Volund
Im interested in making you those balms, lemme know if your still looking.

Re: Looking for herbalism balms

Posted: Thu 14 Jul 2016, 20:32
by Razvan
Up, mail me in-game if you have or if you want to craft them. Thank you!

Re: Trading MAG Runes & Looking for balms

Posted: Thu 04 Aug 2016, 21:46
by Razvan
*bump* check the first post. thank you!

Re: Looking for balm crafter

Posted: Sat 25 Feb 2017, 17:30
by Razvan
Updated, looking for balms

Re: WTS/WTT Harnois Armor

Posted: Tue 14 Mar 2017, 12:37
by Razvan
To the top again! Selling some harnois armor

Re: WTT stuffs for Kryanbor Nuggets

Posted: Wed 12 Apr 2017, 18:07
by Razvan
To the tooop!
Looking for kryanbor nuggets!

Re: Looking for harnois crafter!

Posted: Sat 29 Apr 2017, 21:15
by Razvan
And again to the top, looking for harnois crafter

Re: Looking to buy stuffs

Posted: Thu 26 Oct 2017, 07:47
by Razvan

Re: Looking for balms

Posted: Sun 11 Mar 2018, 12:43
by Razvan
Looking for balms. See first post.