Potion wouldn't wear off

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Potion wouldn't wear off

Postby Partho » Sun 14 Jun 2020, 07:08

One of my characters drank a mobility potion with a duration of 3 hours 46 minutes and after around 12h hours of tasks still hanging there at 00:00:00. I tried more actions, relogging, clearing silverlight cash but nothing worked. Can you please fix it? Here is my information:

Account: pakhibirdy
Character: Partho
Realm: Lanfar

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Re: Potion wouldn't wear off

Postby Céline » Sun 14 Jun 2020, 07:26


I can't do anything for that. It's something about "synch" between the server and your local informations.
The solution is to do small back and forth (5 seconds) until the 00:00:00 disappears.
~Contact : support@virtys.com~

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