Fighting tasks, ramdom fights and arenas

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Fighting tasks, ramdom fights and arenas

Postby realmota » Fri 10 Aug 2018, 00:28

I thought it was possible to change places during the time of a fight.

The first time was in Hawkoria, in the area of the military district.

As the counting happened, change the location within the city. I could even improve my urban status in the urban areas of 25.

Then I tried it during fights in the personal and guild areas. The same thing happens. In this case, you have only one land option.

What struck me most was combining fights on the map with personal home or guild arenas.

Walking randomly on the map, when the count for the fight begins, I placed as the final destination direct the guild arena. The arena bonus was added to the fight that occurred elsewhere.

I've also tried random fights that happen at the entrance of cities. As the city is the final destination, the city map opens. Then move to a different location, such as the Maliken docks, and the fighting begins in this location.

I did not know if it was a feature of the game or a bug.

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Re: Fighting tasks, ramdom fights and arenas

Postby Balok » Fri 10 Aug 2018, 18:45

This is probably related to the fact that you can do zero-effort tasks in other parts of a city, domain or concession (like mail) while working on a craft there. I would guess it's not so much a bug as something that would be difficult to change at this point the game's lifecycle without creating an uproar among the players. Certain tasks can't be queued, either (like retrieving from passive collectors or getting mail) - it's probably the same ones.
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Re: Fighting tasks, ramdom fights and arenas

Postby Xan » Sat 11 Aug 2018, 03:45

realmota, более того, на гильдейских аренах можно таким образом сражаться используя местность. Знание местности у героя/спутника и отсутствие у противника дает существенный шанс уклонения от атаки, тем самым ускоряет прокачку защиты героя/спутника. Например в ланфаре буквально за четыре-шесть раундов можно перейти с бронзы на латный доспех таким способом.

Googel translate:
moreover, in the guild arenas, you can thus fight using the terrain. Knowing the terrain of the hero / companion and not having the enemy gives a significant chance of evading the attack, thereby speeding the pumping of the hero / satellite defense. For example in Lanfara, in just four or six rounds, you can go from bronze to armor plate in this way

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