Steam : Server strategies

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Steam : Server strategies

Postby Falkarma » Tue 21 Mar 2017, 14:58


We have been monitoring the metrics of the Steam page for the last few weeks and confirmed our strategy for the release. Most of our traffic comes from the English language and many players added the game to their wish list. To us, it means that we must be ready for a very big wave of English players.

We are looking for a machine upgrade for Wojtek and we have chosen to prepare a new English server named Loucantar, the server will be activated on Steam launch if the wave is too big (I personally think it will).

What does it mean for Wojtek population? Like with the French servers, our system is made so that a new player is offered the server with the currently lowest online players. This means that after a few moments, both servers, Loucantar and Wojtek, will be offered as the default server. So both populations will grow.

Will there be new servers for other languages? So far, our metrics show us that it will not be needed, the French population will be split in two, German server is one year younger than Wojtek and for the other languages we have plenty of room on existing servers.

That was not an easy decision, on one side we want more active players on every server, on the other side the "brave new world" feeling is great and is something English players have not seen since a long time. And there is the size of Steam, that's a far bigger platform than anything we have ever used before.

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Re: Steam : Server strategies

Postby Cloudigger » Tue 21 Mar 2017, 15:07

Traduction rapide: Nous avons préparé un serveur anglophone pour la sortie Steam de Therian Saga. Nos analyses nous permettent de croire que cela sera nécessaire et l'essentiel des joueurs intéressés est anglophone. Comme pour les serveurs francophones, le serveur ayant moins de joueurs sera offert en premier à ceux se connectant. Nous regardons aussi pour améliorer la machine hébergeant Wojtek.

Nous sommes conscients que cela divisera un peu la communauté, mais nous croyons que les choses s'équilibreront avec le temps. Nous croyons aussi que l'idée d'un monde tout nouveau, tout beau, plaira à certains joueurs.

Nous n'envisageons pas pour l'instant de lancer de nouveaux serveurs en français ou dans les autres langues.

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Re: Steam : Server strategies

Postby Neku » Tue 21 Mar 2017, 15:19

Wow! That's a good news for both Wojtek and Therian Saga! :D
I know Therian Saga will be the top game in the wish list!

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