I'm stuck on Hipporiel

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I'm stuck on Hipporiel

Postby Nobius » Mon 09 Oct 2017, 18:57

Its a really wierd situation. It happened on character named Nobius.
I set up a walk to the Boutaran lake to fight Scarazen, but on the way there, while crossing shivers, i was attacked and got perma hourglass. I tried relogging, restarting client, restarting computer, no change, and other chars on this server, and Wojtek are playable. No problems.
While logging in, ive noticed that after all things load up i got a half second of time, when hourglass disseapeared, so on the next login i tried to hit that moment, it worked, fight started, but i was stuck again after 1 round. I figured there was a time window before that fight, maybe it will be now (though there is hourglass all the time now), but i managed to activate round 2, 1 of the enemies was still alive, i tried and tried to run with round 3, but when i press attack button (i can set up companions to attack, and use attack button) nothign happens, buttons hide, like they should but noone is attacking anyone.

I tried to show my problem as best as i could, i hope its clear :).
Also, i heard about people who were permamently stuck, but i was playing this game for 3 years (or so, i think) and never see such a thing. It seems its not a myth :shock:

Please help, Nobius

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Re: I'm stuck on Hipporiel

Postby Céline » Mon 09 Oct 2017, 20:54


please send us a mail to support@virtys.com
We don't touch on characters "just" with a message on the forum ;)
(it's for the security of your account)

Are you blocked on a fight ? Have you equipped a poison ? or a membrane maybe ?
(but yes I really need a mail at support@virtys.com, even if I know how to solve your problem... don't forget to mention the name of the character + server)
~Contact : support@virtys.com~

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