1.19 : Magic weapons and shields

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1.19 : Magic weapons and shields

Postby Virtys » Thu 14 Jan 2016, 02:22

Not sure about building the high level arena in Lanfar, Den and Norstria? Well, think again. Arenas are great places to invite weapon specialists. And you can be sure that your gears need to be upgraded considering the challenges that lies ahead in the future of the game.

Does it mean a bunch of runic weapons? Well, sure the Norstrian will try to sell you their magic. But there is plenty of magic in our world setting that we can use for them. Sceptral Mace was already some kind of magic, a Kryamane Saber could be considered magic. So we are playing on crafts and materials to get you cool weapons to use.

Here is a sneak peak of the mirror shield:
BouclierMirroir.png (44.69 KiB) Viewed 3739 times

A shield made of glass and metal reinforcement.

What is your guess for the others shields and weapons?

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