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Postby Cordelia » Sat 10 Feb 2018, 01:05

Good advice from Celine.

nobukita wrote: Mais surtout qu'espérez-vous (tous) de plus dans cette discussion ?

Personally, I was hoping for the discussion to continue calmly and be instructive. Unexpected emergent behaviour from complex systems is interesting. I enjoy hearing other people's descriptions of unusual behaviour from the game engine.

Therian Saga is a sandbox game, where much enjoyment for the player may come from discovering how hidden mechanics operate. For example, an "intelligent" monster always chooses to attack your "weakest" party member. Once you understand how it makes that choice, you can outwit it by careful use of equipment, potions, poisons, and companion stances. Exploiting this knowledge is essential for defeating late-game bosses.

Acceleration with Blue Crowns or lamden infusions is just another game mechanic. During my own gameplay I have found that it does not work as I was expecting in all situations. Some of the unusual interactions are beneficial, not detrimental. There is one particular task that I always accelerate if I have a BC on hand, because accelerating it always results in a strictly better outcome than allowing the task to complete in its own time.

I do not complain or wish for anything to be changed. For me, finding out which tasks benefit the most from acceleration is an enjoyable part of the entire game experience. In my opinion.

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