Cinq Ans! / Five Years!

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Re: Cinq Ans! / Five Years!

Postby Ksander » Sun 08 Jul 2018, 05:39

1) Therion saga is unique. This is a fact that no one will take to challenge.
2) the Game must continue to live.
3) without monetization there is no development. This is the law of the real world. All around us.
4) do not completely abandon the presence in the game advertising. In any application for the user, even in calculators, there is advertising. That's good. Yes, sometimes it is Intrusive, but you can accept it. Or give the player the opportunity to offer bonuses (for example, a certain buff before the battle, taking into account the strength of the army) for a certain amount of video viewing with a time interval. Or place the game machines in the tavern (mini games have long been promised) with the possibility of re-game to pay gold or viewing the advertising block.

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