Guild Farms

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Guild Farms

Postby Grendal » Wed 31 Oct 2018, 17:50

Just a quick idea, how about giving Guilds the ability to create farms, so things are needed for the guild, such as cotten and bovines, so I think that as a Guild it would be useful so everyone in the Guild has access to Breeding and Growing within the Guild, rather than everyone having to set up several different farms, depending on the item you want/need. If the Guild has it then everyone can access it. Especally with the higher level items, which will be hard for new players to do/get.

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Re: Guild Farms

Postby Maniel » Wed 31 Oct 2018, 18:09

Why not for small level items... but

- I like the fact that we need a home to do some things, and a guild to do some other things (and that we can use both for a part of collecting work : wood / metal / stone)
- don't think new player need high level items (it's comfortable to run everywhere with a wingu set, but we don't really need it before Norstria and some places in Grim... don't need kryan tool at level 30... and for that things, high level player can do it)... in fact, and for what I remember, HL items are available in guild (salancendar, kryan, galan... flowers are in special sites or available by loots... (ohw, artefacts aren't available in guild).

Can't remember why I need cotton for my guild, but I started it a long time ago.
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