Lost pets

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Lost pets

Postby Darkiss » Mon 07 Jan 2019, 02:06

I somehow had 2 pets disappear in the beginning of December and bought 2 new horns to try and get them back . But they don't appear anymore at the tamming location where I got them before .I hadn't posted sooner as I was dealing with some doctors appointment issues and then went out of town for the holidays.I then spent a lot of time on the holiday events and have develop a bad chest cold which is why I have mainly logged in for the daily stuff and not much more. Today when I logged in and tried to equipt one of my pets I realized I'm now missing 3 of them.Two of them are on the same character.Does anyone know of a way to get the pets again or should this be a bug that needs to be sent to support?

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Re: Lost pets

Postby swann88 » Mon 07 Jan 2019, 02:24

sounds like a bug

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Re: Lost pets

Postby Céline » Mon 07 Jan 2019, 08:48


you checked
- your bags, with the search tool
- your civil equipment
- you're exactly at the right place to do the task to get them when you try it

If yes, please send a mail to support (support@virtys.com). I need the name/server of the characters and the name of the pets (in the langage of the server, it's easier to find items).
~Contact : support@virtys.com~

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