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Lunacorp WTS/WTB

Postby articluna » Thu 25 Jul 2019, 14:52

Ey all.

You guys might have noticed me from the market. I usually do list stuff through intended channel since others seem to reluctant keep stock available. I do happen to have some high-value goods available that I don't keep listed in market all the time so offering them here instead seems appropriate.

If you wish to pay in coin instead, current exchange rate for me is 33g/BC since that's what I keep, for now, in my buyoffers.

74 piercing bows 200 BC
Mortawyv-kryan plated boots 225 BC (72-65-64 or 65-64-71 or 65-75-60)

70-74-69 owl-mortawyv scale boots 2000 BC
5 pieces of Gala-demonic Harnois-set (excluding boots) 3000 BC

Willing to fix sets of Kryan harnois too - if necessary.

If your're curious and want inquire more, drop me a message ingame. Due server-merge, my main is called nowadays Articluna_2.


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