New premium consumables

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New premium consumables

Postby Tuf » Sun 24 Nov 2019, 11:55

We have an idea of premium consumable item (sold for BC) the name can be:
"One way ticket"
The item can be sold in shops in Hawkoria\Lanfar\Grimaldaz and Den and the destination and price can be:
One way ticket to Hawkoria - 20 BC (required for travel back from Den)
One way ticket to Lanfar - 20 BC
One way ticket to Grimaldaz - 20 BC
One way ticket to Den - 50 BC

The main reason to use this ticket is faster traveling to area without making quests. And as far as i know there are no possibilities to ruin game progress via using such items (but Nostrian ticket can, so no such tickets).

Also if you use Lanfar and Grimaldaz tickets you (it is correct for this moment) will be able to open that regions without quests. Enorwen's trading post and Shivers frontiers post can be discovered when you are in Lanfar\Grimaldaz
The only quest that is skipped and can be treated as hardly changing game is Iraen that is required to Grimaldaz

Den's entrance is not discover-able anyway.

So U can use tickets to send chars that NEVER will do any quests to work in desired guild building and if U want U can always travel back (from Den). Or can skip really boring quests if U don't want to make fighter.

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Re: New premium consumables

Postby NightCroucher » Sun 24 Nov 2019, 17:04

Good idea, it can be set of locations, available only for premium accounts. Something like caravan posts with quests to open other ones and travel tasks, consuming BC.

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Re: New premium consumables

Postby MalikenBob » Sun 24 Nov 2019, 20:29

Wouldn't this encourage the kind of "army of alts" playing style Virtys has said they're trying to discourage, though? I think unlocking Den, Lanfar etc takes time by design, rather than by accident. Would support a less combat-focussed way to unlock though.

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Re: New premium consumables

Postby Tuf » Mon 25 Nov 2019, 06:36

If we talk about old servers it is really not problem to get char to your account from stopped playing friends. And that char will freely enter Den\Lanfar\Grim so to make "army of twins" really not a problem and it will be cheaper.
On new servers people can want to save there time via paying BC. I am talk about myself too. I had army of twins and i don't want to make it again. just want to skip content i made about 50+ times. And everyone can play there own style.
That consumables will help me save a bit of time and i will pay for it. And it is also will make me happier.

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Re: New premium consumables

Postby cuentista » Mon 25 Nov 2019, 19:23

On the one hand, crowns have nowhere to invest; on the other, it is too easy. I also don’t like quests with a combat component, but then the price should be higher. Or some kind of crafting quest for this. And so, I say yes.
P.S. A share house is also very easy to alts. I`m for a teleport from the share house then.

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