New professions - discussion

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New professions - discussion

Postby Maru » Thu 19 Mar 2020, 11:47

Hello fellow Therians,
I proposed new professions at the Therian Council, and would like to discuss the idea, maybe you have some improvements. Feel free to discuss :)
Original post: New professions:
1)Enchanting = Weapon-, Armor-, and Tool-upgrade-system (using plants(or gems), substances and foggy pearls to create something like balms, max. upgrade +5).
2) Conjuring/Summoning: Create custom Combat Companions from materials(metal-, stone- and wood-golems), stats depend on materials. Metal is good at slash, Stone at blunt and Wood at pierce. The best ones should be better than boar and yormund.
3) Elementarism= creating custom new super-materials (like glowing ingot = some metal-ingot + foggy pearls+substance), generating 3 new materials for metal, wood and stone.

To learn the new professions you need access to Palace of Elements, high alchemy and metascience and many rare substances. The first companion (T2 could be recruited at the palace of elements after learning the professions. T3 companion can be acquired for foggy pearls. T4 companion can be acquired after you learned the professions if you have the T3 companion, "Falconers acknowledgement",all wings and leadership of 65-68. The gems are already ingame, then we need a new potion, for tools I'd propose to combine all three professions in 1 tool (some kind of enchanter's book, made of fabric and ancient tablets). At start I think we don't need a new building, just add a new site at the palace of elements that gives a small bonus. The recipes for Tool and Potion and also the first recipes for the professions are learned at the palace of elements, the rest of the recipes should be learnt by crafting.

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