Excessive low-level resources

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Excessive low-level resources

Postby DarHovuj » Sun 12 Apr 2020, 12:42

Good afternoon. I have a question like this. What to do with excess low-level resources? It is no secret that as you pump these resources simply accumulate in large quantities in the deposit of the character. They remain unclaimed and often spend time processing them into final products for which NPC give a good price just unprofitable. In this regard, I have a suggestion. Why not introduce an ordering system when the NPC simply buy out a fixed amount of such resources once in a while? This can be implemented as tasks for specific characters or through a common market.

Also, to support trade, you can implement such a system for the final products.For example, an order for Sokolniki to create 10 iron swords of excellent quality with a price higher than the market and a bonus for performing in the form of reputation points.

I hope you find this idea interesting. Thank you for your attention and I will wait for your reply.

P.S. I apologize in advance for my English. I am writing through a translator.

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